9 Totally Free Icons sets for your Website

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One of the greatest gifts of our profession (software developers) is the vast amount of resources on the web to help make our jobs easier. Today, I'm posting this list of various web icons sets that are free to use. Hope you enjoy.

Drunkey Love

Website: http://el73.be/         Download: Drunkey Love

Drunkey Love is a 100+ icons set created by Kevin Wetzels of e173, the set includes 16x16 pixel icons in GIF or PNG format. Some of the types of icons that are included fall in the categories of actions, flags, media devices, people, weather and wysiwyg buttons.

Diagona Icons Pack 1.0

Website: Pinvoke       Download: Diagona Icons Pack

The Diagona Icons Pack contains nearly 200 icons in both 10x10 and 16x16 pixel sizes, PNG format. This is one of my personal favorites as the icons are very clear and well designed for their small size. Diagona icons were created by Yusuke Kamiyamane from Pinvoke. If you use these icons you must link back to the authors site or choose to pay for a royalty free license. Either way you can't go wrong.

Fugue Icons

Website: Pinvoke       Download: Fugue Icons

An incredibly exhaustive set of icons from the same creator of Diagona Icons Pack, Yusuke Kamiyamane from Pinvoke. There are an impressive 1,469 icons!!! all in 16x16 pixel size, PNG format. The rules are the same, you must link back to the author's site or pay for a royalty free license. This set is large (9Mb) so be patient when downloading.


Website: tenbytwenty       Download: Vaga

Ed Merritt from tenbytwenty offers up 60, semi-transparent 16x16 pixel icons in PNG format. This icon set is awesome, each are extremely clear and are offered up for free.

FamFamFam Silk

Website: FamFamFam      Download: Silk

Probably the most well known icons sets out there Mark James of FamFamFam gives us over 700 16x16 pixel icons in a "strokably-soft" PNG format as put by the author. This was the first icon set that I discovered which opened me to the world of generosity that lives in the open source design community. Silk contains icons for practically every category you can think of.

FamFamFam Mini

Website: FamFamFam     Download: Mini

More goodness from Mark James of FamFamFam. Mini gives us 144 icons, 16x16 pixels in size, GIF format. Quality work, much like the Silk package.

Sweetie BasePack

Website: Sublink.ca       Download: Sweetie BasePack v3

Described as "Cute and clear icons", Joseph North of Sublink created the Sweetie BasePack set which contains 182 icons in varying sizes, PNG format. The creator of these icons accurately described them when he said they were clear, but as far as being cute...I would say they are more on the professional side. Definitely a nice set of icons to have.

Sweetie WebCommunication

Website: Sublink.ca      Download: Sweetie WebCommunication

Another icon set from, Joseph North of Sublink but this time geared towards web communication. The icon set is relatively small compared to his BasePack, but at 37 there is enough variety. Like BasePack the icons are varying sizes in PNG format.


Tiny icons

Website: Primail.ch       Download: Primail Tiny Icons

A redunkulous set (yes, I said redunkulous) of totaly free super small web icons from Primail.ch. I couldn't find an author, but would love to thank then for gathering/creating an awesome set of tiny icons to be used for a variety of situations. There are too many categories to list out here but some include, ecommerce, mushrooms, dice, MS Office, clocks and watches, company logos and more. Truly a gem of a collection but no single source to download, =(. 

As with any of these icon sets, please make sure you abide by the licenses they have chosen. Although free, most if not all expect that you respect their work and not try to pass it off as your own. Give credit where credit is due and if you feel generous, make a donation to them.


  • Is there any list of collection of free icon set to be used for college or educational purpose?

  • Is there any list of collection of free icon set to be used for college or educational purpose?


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